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Quercetti 4210 - Pixel Junior
Represent the images with gigantic coloured pegs (58 pieces)
Stimulates Reasoning and Perception
Code 509-4210
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Tιμές με Φ.Π.Α.22,99€

This new version has completely redesigned cards and case, now with handles for easy transportation. After playing with it on a level surface, the card may be inserted into the case to display upright.

  • 8 cards
  • carry case
  • 48 large pegs (o 32mm) in 6 different colours

Dimensions:34 x 29 x 8 (cm)
Age:2 - 5
Prevailing Approach:Cognitive
Skills and Abilities:Practical 100%
While I play I learn to:Represent, Relate, Thinking, Formulate
Creativity or Planning:50% vs 50%
Organisation and Self-Correction:0% and 100%
Attitude to Writing:Lateralization 100%
Science Rating:6 out of 10
Technology Rating:7 out of 10
Engineering Rating:6 out of 10
Art Rating:4 out of 10
Maths Rating:5 out of 10

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