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Our Story


Our story goes back in time. It all began somewhere in the early 70's when our father, a captain and graduate of Hydra's chief shipmasters, decided to leave the life and work at the sea and follow the world of toys and commerce.


This is how the Greek Daffy's Toys (a microfactory) was born. First toy produced, the "Championship" a table toy in 1973 that was all about football. A strategy and interactive toy hand made by 100%. Designed by our mother, a graduate of Doxiadis School of Design at our parent's kitchen table. Then several toys of purely Greek production followed and some even innovative for the Greek market, some of which were:




  • 1976: "Vacuum Cleaner" and "Walkie Talkie", the first B/O toy in Greece, licensed by the then Ministry of Communications (now Ministry of Commerce).


  • 1977: Microphone "Karaoke FM" and "Mini Mixer" with real recipies.


  • 1978: The legendary "Luna Park" with crashing cars and battery-powered "Mercedes".



  • 1980: "Washing Machine"1981: One of the most successful games the "Shower Bathtub" that flowed normal water

But with the spread of TV and TV commercials the impact of advertised toys on the market was tremendous and we needed to diversify. As a result, by 1989, the former DAFFY's Toys small scale factory had to stop the production of toys and would transform into a purely importing company. So, in 1992 Daffy's Toys rebranded to union Toys with huge and rapid success in the Greek market.


In 1996 the president and CEO (our father) decided to leave union Toys SA and a few years later, in 2001, AWECO Hellas was established in cooperation with the Italian AWECO Srl. A company that distributed toys from Italian manufacturers such as Quercetti, Edisson, Mondo, Bburago, Farro, Ledra Plastic, Bontempi, Lima, Clip, Polistil, Falca, Olmo.


AWECO Hellas has been successful for about 15 years in the Greek market. However, the changes that occurred in the global and Greek economy as well as the great spread of the internet and online sales, have forced us to adapt and change once more. So in 2013 we created RideOnShop.com with the aim to become the leading online toys store by offering our customers high-quality ride on toys, role-playing toys, outdoor toys and activity toys in general at the most competitive prices in the market. As you read this page, RideOnShop after 5 years of presence has already become synonymous with reliability, secure trading, quality toys trading and above all....Super Happy Clients.


Our goal with the establishment of our online shop: Premium-Toys.com, is to introduce our toys not only to every household and family in Greece, but also to become the one and only point of sale for high-quality kids toys targeting also the merchants of the future via wholesale channel. B2B in the greek toys industry is finally a reality!