Scooter Bars

In this category you will find a wide variety of one-piece scooter bars. These are highly durable handlebars which in contrast to the folding handlebars which consist of at least 2 pieces, here you will find handlebars that consist of one single piece. In essence, these are at least 2 pipe sections that are joined by strong welds and are made of different materials. There are aluminum bars that are very light and ideal for park riding, steel bars that usually come in oversized diameter (32mm) are heavier than aluminum but much more durable and intended for street riding, and finally titanium bars which combine very sturdy construction with very low weight but are much more expensive. It should be noted that modern engineering has evolved so much in the handling of metals in general that we will see butted scooter bars that are made with a special method by removing material from where it is not needed and adding where it is needed for more durability. So we also have very sturdy bars at low weight and much lower price than titanium bars. At RideOnShop you will find freestyle scooter bars that will meet your expectations.
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