Freestyle Scooters 

You can hear people talking about them under many names - freestyle scooters, stunt scooters, kick scooters (mostly prevalent in the USA). No matter how people call them, in recent years they have gained the lost ground in popularity against BMX and skateboarding which dominated the extreme sports scene for years, and today the scootering community is stronger than ever and we see that it is constantly growing all over the world. RideOnShop from its first days of operations, embraced the scootering community with a wide variety of complete scooters at competitive prices (ie scooters with all components from the same manufacturer). But what is a freestyle scooter? These are highly durable scooters intended for acrobatic tricks that can be achieved either in skate park (park scooters) or on the streets (street scooters). In our store you can find stunt scooters for beginners and advanced riders by the most popular brands of the world but also we can help you build the custom scooter of your dreams through our plethora of scooter parts. 
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