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Quercetti 0611 - Giro Puzzle
Play Montessori Educational Toy (4 puzzles)
Create 3D Puzzles
Code 509-0611
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Price (With V.A.T.)10,99€

4 cute puzzle animals to be completed with missing pieces. The round pieces are attached with nuts and bolts, allowing the child to easily rotate them to find the right position and complete the 3D images on their own. As is the case with all Quercetti Toys from the Play Montessori series, this one is designed according to Maria Montessori's educational system that has the "Helping them to help themselves" principle. That is, deep confidence in the child's potential, unlimited respect for their abilities to develop on their own and freedom to express themselves.


  • 4 puzzles
  • 16 Round Pieces
  • 8 screws, 8 dividers and 8 nuts
  • 1 Montessori Guide

Dimensions:23 x 20 x 5 (cm)
Age:3 - 5
Prevailing Approach:Cognitive
Skills and Abilities:Practical 100%
While I play I learn to:Represent, Relate, Thinking, Formulate
Attitude to draw:Free drawing 50%, Pre-drawing 50%
Creativity or Planning:100% vs 0%
Organisation and Self-Correction:0% and 100%
Science Rating:5 out of 10
Technology Rating:5 out of 10
Engineering Rating:5 out of 10
Art Rating:8 out of 10
Maths Rating:4 out of 10

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