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Rainbow Colours UKU - Ukulele Set
Wooden ukulele with coloured strings
Colored Strings, Learning Method
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Our Rainbow Colors Ukulele is used in more than 10 countries and helps children to start their musical journey! From home, to schools, to youth clubs.

We offer both a traditional wooden ukulele and our newest development; a composite body soprano ukulele that improves the tone and resonance of the strings.

It is important to us that all instruments that we offer are of high quality so that children can start their musical journey, while still being affordable for parents!

Our Ukuleles package comes with our award-winning book, working with the colored strings, meaning you can play songs in seconds!

You can also buy the string sets separately if you happen to break one!

With our colored learning you can play songs in seconds, not hours!

We have been included in several publications that list the benefits, especially for children with learning difficulties.

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