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giant piano mat
giant piano matgiant piano matgiant piano matgiant piano mat
Rainbow Colours GPM - Giant Piano Mat 6'
Giant Piano mat with coloured keys
10 Demo Tunes, 8 Instruments, Playback and REC
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This Giano Piano Mat by Rainbow Colours has been designed to present children with the easiest possible approach to learning how to play the piano. Using the coloured musical notes, and coloured keys, learning is simple. The Giant piano mat has 24 coloured touch sensitive keys, with five instrument sounds, record and play back mode so you can record yourself. Simply follow the coloured musical notes on the music cards using your feet on the different coloured keys and play songs in seconds.

Τhe Piano Mat is featured in the book for Autism "Colour Coding for Learners with Autism: A resource Book for Creating Meaning. Συγγραφέας Adele Devine." in which specific reference is made on how this colour coding learning method can help children with autism to learn how to play music.    

- 10 prerecorded Demo songs

- 8 different prerecorded instrument sounds

- 24 Rainbow Coloured Keys

- Volume Control

- Playback and Record possibility

- More than 500 play along songs that can be used in conjuction with the piano mat.


Survey results for this toy by the "Good Toy Guide":

Ages 3-5

Little ones absolutely loved experimenting with the Giant Piano Mat, running and dancing around on the keys to see what tunes they could make! This is a great introduction to playing music, and more accessible that a normal keyboard to children with less developed finger control. We also found it appealed more to active children, because they were allowed to play it by jumping around, instead of having to sit still.

Ages 5-8

Older children really enjoyed copying the colour coded song cards, which can help them start learning how to play a tune and read musical notes. This simplified method can build children’s confidence in their musical abilities and encourage creativity.

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