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rollercoaster toyrollercoaster toyrollercoaster toyrollercoaster toyrollercoaster toy
Quercetti Skyrail Race (6663)
Parallel track racing 10m track for Marbles (187 Pieces)
Stimulates Creativity and Reasoning
Code 509-6663
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Double track roller coaster, for exciting marble races. Two parallel tracks, to be constructed with the help of a supporting frame, can be used with multiple marbles at the same time, allowing for multiplayer games, or you can set the balls off at different times. The frame guarantees the stability of the structure, and also makes it possible to adjust the steepness of the track and personalize the race.


  • 14 straight tracks
  • 24 curved tracks
  • 4 bases
  • 12 columns
  • 38 joints
  • 3 marbles
  • 2 tie-rods
  • 1 cardboard plank with 2 shapes
  • other 86 pieces
  • 1 manual with examples

Dimensions:40 x 34 x 9 (cm)
Age:7 - 14
Prevailing Approach:Cognitive
Skills and Abilities:Relational 38% / Emotional 38% / Practical 25%
While I play I learn to:Thinking
Creativity or Planning:43% vs 57%
Organisation and Self-Correction:67% and 33%
Attitude to Writing:Lateralization 100%
Geometry and Logic:0% and 100%
Science Rating:8 out of 10
Technology Rating:8 out of 10
Engineering Rating:8 out of 10
Art Rating:3 out of 10
Maths Rating:7 out of 10

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