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Quercetti Migoga Marble Run Maxi (6588)
Create amazing structures for your marbles (213 pieces)
Stimulates Creativity and Reasoning
Code 509-6588
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Price (With V.A.T.)59,99€

Premium marble tracks with special elements to increase the number of combinations and the excitement: 2 double spirals, 2 funnels, 2 route switches, elongated straight and curved tracks.

Create your own marble runs with this exciting construction set. Reproduce the models pictured on the box or enjoy experimenting with your own designs. Interlocking chutes, bridges, columns, spinning-wheels, spirals and funnels can be combined in infinite variations for long-lasting fun. This toy stimulates creativity and reasoning both of which are required to build impressive-looking structures with the correct angles of inclination. With the exciting elevator you can create endless cascades of marbles with mesmerizing visual effect.


  • 213 pieces

Dimensions:52 x 41 x 11 (cm)
Age:6 - 14
Prevailing Approach:Cognitive
Skills and Abilities:Mental 17% / Practical 50% / Relational 33%
While I play I learn to:Thinking
Creativity or Planning:60% vs 40%
Organisation and Self-Correction:50% and 50%
Attitude to Writing:Lateralization 100%
Geometry and Logic:20% and 80%
Science Rating:6 out of 10
Technology Rating:7 out of 10
Engineering Rating:6 out of 10
Art Rating:3 out of 10
Maths Rating:7 out of 10

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