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Quercetti Lacing Game (0612)
Play Montessori make animal vehicles with threads and make them move (4 animals)
Educational Building and Imagination Toy
Code 509-0612
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Price (With V.A.T.)9,99€

Quercetti Lacing Game (0612)

4 cute animals made of durable cardboard, with wheels so they can be driven around by pulling the colorful cords. Like all toys in the Play Montessori series, this one is designed according to Maria Montessori's educational system that has the "Help me do it myself" principle. That is, deep confidence in the child, unlimited respect for their abilities to develop on their own and freedom to express themselves.


  • 4 cardboard animals
  • 4 colored threads
  • 2 screws, 4 wheels, 4 washers and 2 nuts
  • 1 Play Montessori instructions

Dimensions:23 x 20 x 5 (cm)
Age:3 - 6
Prevailing Approach:Cognitive
Skills and Abilities:Practical 100%
While I play I learn to:Relate
Attitude to draw:Free drawing 50%, Pre-drawing 50%
Creativity or Planning:100% vs 0%
Science Rating:3 out of 10
Technology Rating:3 out of 10
Engineering Rating:4 out of 10
Art Rating:4 out of 10
Maths Rating:2 out of 10

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