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Quercetti 5348 - Tablet Mandala Magnetico
Create geometric designs on the magnetic board (90 pieces)
Code 509-5348
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Price (With V.A.T.)38,99€

A new line of dry-erase magnetic boards, designed as a two-sided tablet with an innovative round shape: edges have been totally smoothed and protected with colourful shock-proof rubber enclosures that make it a safe and unbreakable object, totally child-proof. Children can write or draw on both sides of the Mandala Tablet with the dry-erase marker. This is an extraordinary composition game that allows kids to create endless Mandalas: the patterns inspired by ancient Eastern philosophy, where they represent the central harmony of life and of the universe. In fact, even small children may need to de-stress from their parents’ tensions, and making Mandala mosaics is a great activity to relax the mind, increase concentration, and stimulate meditation while bringing the balance and tranquillity they need to develop their personality and well-being. Each Mandala design consists of different geometric shapes orderly arranged in circles around a centre with an amazing three-dimensional effect. Also included in the set are: an illustrated album with a variety of patterns to copy, for unlimited inspiration; a practical carrying case for easy storage; a useful accessory that can be fixed onto the frame to always keep the eraser and the markers at hand’s reach; and a couple of transparent supports to place the board both vertically and horizontally.


  • 1 two-sided magnetic board with frame
  • 84 magnetic tiles
  • 1 booklet with mosaic examples
  • 1 case with handles
  • 2 transparent supports
  • 1 dry-erase marker
  • 1 eraser

Dimensions:40 x 34 x 9 (cm)
Age:+ 5 Years
Prevailing Approach:Cognitive
Skills and Abilities:Mental 50% / Practical 50%
While I play I learn to:Represent, Relate, Thinking, Formulate
Creativity or Planning:50% vs 50%
Organisation and Self-Correction:50% and 50%
Geometry and Logic:50% and 50%
Science Rating:8 out of 10
Technology Rating:8 out of 10
Engineering Rating:8 out of 10
Art Rating:8 out of 10
Maths Rating:6 out of 10

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