The surf skating community is growing year by year and gaining fanatic followers. But what is a surfskate? In the simplest terms, a surfskate is a long cruiser skateboard that mimics the feeling of surfing thanks to the geometry of the deck and the special construction of the front truck. The dynamic turn of the Surfskate's front truck allows for short and agile turns just like with a surf board. Even if you have absolutely nothing to do with surfing: that's okay. The movements are completely intuitive and easy to learn. A surfskate can be pumped along the road, i.e. gain speed without having to put your foot on the road. This feeling is unique and cannot be achieved with any other kind of skateboard. You can take even the tightest bend easily or slalom around obstacles in your path just by shifting your weight a little. At RideOnShop™ you will find only the best surfksates on the market and at the best prices.
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